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Medicinal Yoga, Jogi BhagatIf you can breathe and smile, you are fit to practice Yoga in our classes. Please click here to read the complete story on Jogi's classes, and benefits of Yoga, that was published on September 12, 2011 in Austin American-Statesman.

Yoga has attracted millions of people around the world, including 16 million in America alone, simply because YOGA WORKS.

To help you achieve your personal best, Yoga poses are modified. The class has been designed to make Yoga easy, gentle and accessible to all. We emphasize balanced development of strength, stamina and flexibility along with deep relaxation. No previous Yoga experience is required.

A lot of people with health problems have found a solution in our Yoga classes as we aim to cure the problem at physical, mental and emotional levels. When you practice yoga regularly – not only it is effective as a cure for illness, but also as a preventive medicine.
Yoga is not merely a set of physical exercises; it is a science of holistic living, consisting of health and happiness.

Yoga is something that offers benefits to people of all ages at many different levels. It has been found very effective to lose harmful extra weight, manage and reduce stress, support and nourish vital organs, build stamina, increase focus, become more flexible in body and life, age gracefully and connect to the world in a compassionate manner.

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